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    Research has been made easy with the availability of a well equipped and up-to-date library.


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    At CEODL you get the opportunity to learn other cultures' values. This prepares you to work in a culturally diverse environment.


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We expand access to education by offering alternatives to those qualified applicants who are unable to enroll for full time programmes, those facing financial challenges and those who, for various reasons cannot take up residential/fulltime programmes.



1. CHANGE IN REPORTING DATES: Distance Learning reporting date has been rescheduled from 5/04/2014 to 12/05/2014. In-service Kenya reporting date rescheduled from 5/04/2014 to 14/04/2014. Sorry for any inconviniences caused.

2. FINANCE ONLINE: All continuing students can now view their status on line via FINANCE LINK on the home page of kiu.ac.ug (Main University website). Select  “In-service” from the drop down menu.

3. CEODL current students and Alumni please register with the college's alumni online community - Learn More

4. CEODL students can now view their RESULTS online - Learn More

College Events

  • In-service Kenya Report: 14/04/2014 
  • In-service Uganda Report: 26/04/2014 
  • Distance Learning  Lectures Begin: 12/05/2014 


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